Why Can’t You Lose Weight With Exercise?

Many people choose to go to the gym after a hard day’s work. It’s an effective way to relax and build body, but many of them are confused that they can’t lose weight even though exercising every day! Here are 6 main reasons for this phenomenon.

1. Repeat exercise content

Repeat exercise content
Repeating the same exercise everyday won’t allow you to progress, which is also the reason why you can’t lose weight. Replace exercise content regularly to get better results.

2. Low personal standard to yourself

Low personal standard to yourself
Exercising is not playing golf. If you even don’t sweat after exercising, you should do more, either through higher intensity or longer periods of low intensity training.

3. Overindulge yourself in high-calorie foods

Overindulge yourself in high-calorie foods
If you always enjoy high-calorie food like ice-cream or dessert then you can forget about weight-loss. What you should do is not to eat more calories than usual but to have a healthy and balanced diet.

4. Keep still after exercising

Keep still after exercising
It will never be your excuse for lying on the sofa or bed all the time even if you exercised at the gym more than 1 hour just now.

5. Physical function haven’t recovered

Physical function haven’t recovered
Your body needs time to recover energy. Doing next exercise without enough time to recover does more harm than good. Besides, lacking of sleep also results slowdown of fat consumption.

6. Wrong way of exercise

Wrong way of exercise
If exercise makes you feel exhausted and lethargic everday, you’d better to change the way ASAP! Try to find exercise suitable for you and correct wrong movements gradually to remedy.

Correct exercise can improve both mental and physical health. Evade these unnecessary misunderstandings and you can lose weight easily!

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