What To Wear To A Wedding Guest Dress Code?

Wedding season is already here, invited to a wedding and not sure what to wear?

Do not worry, we have covered all guidelines you need on your wedding guest dresses to ensure you look gorgeous and stylish.

Whether its black tie, casual or something in between, you just have to know how to interpret your congratulation words and best wishes for a happy marriage.

Here is your ultimate wedding guest outfits guide for 2017, to shop and find a dress for a wedding quickly from our website.

Formal (White Tie)

The most formal of all wedding dress code.

You should wear:

Pink formal bodycon dress for wedding guests

A formal, full-length dress or cocktail-length dress is required. Makeup, dramatic jewelry and hair already are appropriate. When it comes to formal events, keep the fit sleek, clean and avoid anything too bulky or distracting. Remember, it’s the bride’s job to stand out.

Black Tie

The next most formal wedding dress code.

You should wear:

Black swing lace dress for wedding guests

Black Tie usually means the wedding is an evening affair, so a chic cocktail dress or a long evening dress in a dark is your best choice.

Beach Formal

Beach Formal usually is an elegant beach wedding.

You should wear:

White beach formal bodycon dress for wedding guests

A long maxi dress or a formal summer dress with accessories might be the best look, makeup and hair can be natural and everyday.


Lying on the time of the wedding, sometimes you have to dress somewhere between formal and casual.

You should wear:

Red semiformal maxi dress for wedding guests

A cocktail style dress to wear for an afternoon or evening semi-formal wedding, It’s a great opportunity to chat with friends, especially for a daytime fete.


You should wear:

Casual blue dress for wedding guests

Casual often means you’ll be outdoors, keep everything is simple. So a causal dress with your everyday hair and makeup is enough.

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