The most striking elements can’t miss during island vacation

The vacation is coming, are you ready for it? Where would you like to go? The modern city? Like New York, Shanghai, or Tokoyo? Maybe you just want to have a peaceful vacation, no phone calls, no stress, no morning call, then you must go to an island which surrounded by the sea, with white sand.

The sea island is an excellent choice during summer vacation, no more disturbing, no more long walking, like there are not any harassment existing in the world. But there is a problem, what to wear on the island? You just stand in front of your wardrobe which is filled with workwear clothes, have no ideas at all, and tomorrow is the day! And Here are some striking elements you can take as references!


Even the sunlight is glaring, everyone wants to show off their body, throwing away the old-fashioned work uniform, It’s time to try something new and make some change to yourself! Off-the-shoulder is the popular element and will never out of fashion.

Blue off the shoulder floral printed blouse

Blue Off The Shoulder Floral Printed Blouse


Red off-the-shoulder shirred Waist Maxi dress

Red Off-shoulder shirred Waist Maxi Dress


The style is exactly matched with the beach, the design of half sleeve is very comfortable, and to show off your beautiful shoulder

Try some different colours will  make you different. And except the element of off-the-shoulder, there are other little details to add the whole look, like button front, folded detail, shirred waist, puff sleeve with straps and so on… You won’t miss it!

2. Back Details

Back detail is one of the most popular fashion trends this year, with simple embroidery and cool shapes to all skin. These terrific backless dresses are sexy, elegant and can make a bold statement at any occasion, like a bar, restaurant, party and so on. You can find lots of beautiful back detail dresses from Metisu.

White Lace-up Front and Back Maxi Dress

     White Lace-up Front And Back Maxi Dress


 The gorgeous long length dresses with the fashion elements –Back detail (backless) and the floral printed are  just the perfect looks that scream the whole summer!

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just a form of protective eyewear, for now, it becomes a fashion trend to wear. The cool image of sunglasses and association with a particular lifestyle, especially the close connection between sunglass and beach life. That’s why you must need a pair of sunglasses when you’re in a sea island. Here are some particular design sunglasses from Metisu.Colleation of Sunglasses

Collections of Sunglasses


4. Handbags

At the end of the whole look, you may need a handbag as a decoration. Metisu has the best choice for you! No matter what kind of handbag you want to find, you’ll find here in Metisu.

Collections of Handbag

                                                                                                                                                            Fashion Handbags

    The yellow Vintage Bird Pattern Wooden Bag is stylish and fashion and is a bag for all-purpose!

   Black Sea Wave Pattern Wooden Bag. The wave on the bag is just matched with the vacation, isn’t it? The wooden body, and with a single chain strap, makes it different!


If you are looking for other kinds of fashion, here in Metisu! You can find everything you want!

Metisu wish you a happy vacation!

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