How To Choose Right Shades Of Lipstick?

Most ladies usually have a bunch of lipsticks in their beauty bags, while some can be used all the time and some will never be touched. This is the consequence of choosing wrong shades of lipsticks! Maybe you fall in love with a lipstick in the advertisement or on Taylor Swift’s face, but when using on yourself it doesn’t work. Following two steps let you choose right lipsticks shades!

choose right lipsticks shades

  1. Identify Your Undertone

The most important factor in choosing lipstick shade is the undertone of your skin. Different undertones are suitable for different lipstick shades. What we are proposing here are not only white, yellow wheat or black, but the cool tone and warm tone. Ladies can test yourselves according to these two methods.


  • Check Your Veins

Stand in the sun, stretch out your wrists and observe the shade of your veins. If the blood vessels on the inside of the wrist are blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. If the blood vessel shade is green or dark green, your belongs to warm undertone.

Check Your Veins

  • Compare With Gold And Silver

Wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time and compare which color is more suitable for your skin. If silver jewelry is more suitable, you belong to cool undertone. Otherwise, you belong to warm undertone. Also, comparing with gold and silver nail polish has the same effect.Identify Your Undertone

Above two methods can judge your skin undertone. If you are not lopsided to both sides, it means you belong to a rare neutral skin tone and congratulations you can hold most colors of lipsticks!

neutral skin tone

  1. Find Which Shades Look Best on You

Now that you know your skin undertone, there are some basics to determine which shade will suit you best. Cool undertones stick to blue-based shades like baby pink, rose red lip undertone

Warm undertones stick to orange-based shades like orange, reds, browns.

warm undertone

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