Charms In Your Work Wardrobe

The Office look is always repetitious, always the same colours, like Brown, Grey or other colours that not so bright. But You have the choice to dress yourself fashion and stylish, and the workwear doesn’t have to be boring. Except for the colour, the style of the look can be multifarious, not only the simple white shirt and black pants, Let’s make the change! Throw away the black-and-white, add some colours to your working day! Sometimes it can be overwhelming on the workday morning to choose the today’s look, don’t worry, Metisu will help you!

The Pink Ruffled Cuff Pleated Layered Midi Dress

The Pink Ruffled Cuff Pleated Layered Midi Dress

The Pink Ruffled Cuff Pleated Layered Midi Dress is 100% polyester lining. The colour is full of loveliness, bringing some shining points to the dull life and work. Throwing away the high-heeled shoes, Let’s wearing the sneakers! The sneakers are comfortable and cozy since you need to work hard for a whole day, why not dress more comfortable? And Choose a handbag in which colour is matched with the dress, wearing a pair of cool sunglasses, then you will be the brightest star in the crowd!

The Orange Long Sleeve Strap Detail Sheath Mini Dress

Obviously, the black&white is the classical colour group in the office, but sometimes the different will take you a totally new look. So don’t afraid of changes, be brave of the challenges! I love this Orange Long Sleeve Strap Detail Sheath Mini Dress, the special orange colour and the relaxed cut make the dress a different one! You can’t miss it! And matched with the dress, is the Cult Gaia Mini-Ark Handbag, which instantly lifts the whole look and makes you look really sophisticated. About the shoes, the flats are the best choice for the office workers because its attributes that formal but comfortable.

The Light Blue Ditsy Floral Chiffon BlouseLight blue disty Floral Chiffon Blouse

When you are getting dressed in the morning, you’ve got your cream top but don’t do that, how about adding some sort of print or design? It’s just a little bit more eye-catching! Of course, you don’t have to wear this type of thing for every single day, you should just mix it up in your wardrobe which filled with cream and white top.

Black Contrast Belted Waist Striped Blouse

 The Black Contrast Belted Waist Striped Blouse is full of the sense of design, with a belt to highlight the curve of the waist. And the shoes, you can choose the pointed flat with some bright colour, the shape of the shoes expose more of your feet which really elongates the look! Of course, Don’t forget the accessories! The Silver Crossed Hearts Chain Bracelet from the Metisu must be the one you need.

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