How To Choose Right Shades Of Lipstick?

Most ladies usually have a bunch of lipsticks in their beauty bags, while some can be used all the time and some will never be touched. This is the consequence of choosing wrong shades of lipsticks! Maybe you fall in love with a lipstick in the advertisement or on Taylor Swift’s face, but when using on yourself it doesn’t work. Following two steps let… Read More How To Choose Right Shades Of Lipstick?


10 Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas To Love

What matches best with sweet chocolates, red roses, a bottle of wine or a candle-lit dinner? Valentine’s day nails of course! We present 10 nail art design ideas that are perfect to hold your lover’s presents or properly celebrate your singlehood festively. 1. Red is always the theme color of love. Velvet nails look more textured. 2. If you’re… Read More 10 Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas To Love


Red This Autumn

The temperature is downing, the leaves are falling. It is totally ready for 2017 Autumn. What is the color of the autumn? Yellow? Khaki? Camel? Grey? Or Black? I said, it is R-E-D, red! Red maple leaves. Red beautiful sunset. Red delicious apples. Red romantic roses. Of course, Red women’s sexy lips. This autumn, red… Read More Red This Autumn