5 Wrong Misconceptions Of Washing Face Will Destroy Your Face!

Ladies have noticed the importance of skin care since having the sense of beauty. Skin care is a trial-and-error process, but our skins are too delicate to be tested time after time. Sometimes we find skin becoming worse and worse although we treat it seriously, which is really annoying! Washing your face is the first important step of daily skin care and here are 5 wrong ways of washing face. Check out to see whether you fall for it!

1. Wash face with towel

Wash face with towel
Because of special material, the towel can encourage the growth of bacteria easily, especially in a humid bathroom. It will also result in cross contamination of skin with pimples. If you insist, enable its direct exposure to the sun everyday to sterilize. Of course, so is a sponge.

2. Use too hot or too cold water

Use too hot or too cold water
Too hot water will damage sebaceous gland, leading to cutis laxa and wrinkles. Too cold makes it hard to open pores and remove dirt. Therefore, the correct way is to use warm water, which is closer to body temperature.

3. Often use soap to wash face

Often use soap to wash face
First, calcium and magnesium ions from soap and tap water can form soap scum, which is easy to clog pores. Second, PH value of skin is usually between 5.0 and 7.0 lower than soap. Our skins will become coarse and sensitive caused by long-term use. It’s best to choose mild cleanser based on hyaluronic acid.

4. Frequent scrub Peeling

Frequent scrub Peeling
Maybe it’s’ suitable for the thick cut in, but too thin cut in it will damage skin’s defense function. The correct method is using the fat-soluble product to exfoliate and pay attention that the concentration of acid should be controlled between 1% and 5%.

5. Heavy dependency on facial cleansing instrument

Heavy dependency on facial cleansing instrument
The facial cleansing instrument comes down to an electric brush. It can’t remove dirt in follicles thoroughly and even make pores become larger!

Many ladies blindly pursuit ‘through clean’. Remember, your skin feeling unequal to effect. You can only start effective skin care after washing your face correctly.

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