A Mini Travel Guide To Amsterdam

Summer is here! Are you planning a trip to anywhere? You may have a short vacation and take a break for your life.

Now, we find all resources you need to get start your summer—Amsterdam, which is the best ideal to visit for a long weekend.

Amsterdam is a very touristy and incredible city.

Now, it’s time to explore.

Culture & Customs

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. Dutch is the official language, but most Amsterdammers can speak English. More than 160 canals flow through the city. It is called “Venice of the north”.

Amsterdam is a city of art. It is boasted with more than 40 museums around the city collecting over one million works of art.


What to Eat

Special food:

Stroopwafel is a unique cookie, made from baked butter and sliced horizontally.

Kroket is a famous snack in Amsterdam. Kroket is a deep fried roll with meat ragout inside, covered in breadcrumbs.

What to wear

Looking at the weather in Amsterdam, the maximum temperature will be 28℃ (or 82℉) on June and the minimum will be 15℃(55℉).  Make sure to carry a cardigan or long sleeved if you are out at night.

Some people insist that all travel clothing is ugly because the ones they’ve seen are ugly.

However, you can be an elegant lady in your travel time from Metisu.

Floral dress and Flat Shoes make you elegant and comfortable.

Hot color makes you outstanding among people. The flat sandal ensure you a comfortable journey.

Holiday dress, white flats, beach bag, with a pair of silver sunglasses keep fashion in mind but also be comfortable.

The day is bright, green v-neck midi dress bring a summer breeze with your vacation.


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